From the day Miner Capital Funding has stepped its foot on the financial industry in 2006, our CEO, Mr. Orlando Miner decided to take the initiative to help the organizations financially as he noticed most of the brilliant ideas were crushed due to the fiscal obstacle. This company is designed to simplify the financing experience for you. With the CEO’s extensive 11 years of experience in the commercial real estate business, our streamlined process and competitive rates, we make buying or refinancing a commercial property easy. We work hard to provide an outstanding customer service experience and getting our clients the financing to fit their particular situation.

Our Mission

Miner Capital Funding wants to be built up holding hands to the ones who wants to go to the top but got stuck with the monetary dilemmas. Our main maxim lies on cultivating the small businesses with the financial support.

Our Vision

Miner Capital Funding values what you dream and our purpose is to make the dream come true. Our focus stays on providing them the best service in the market and making commercial real estate financing a reality for our clients.

Our Services


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