Hard Money loan will be settled by your commercial properties. For lending the money, it follows some simple and easy steps and allows you to handle the whole situation with absolute effortlessness. Unlike the others, this loan is quite easy to get but one need to secure the money with the commercial property. While there is no prepayment penalty added to the terms and conditions of the loan, the purchaser can throw out the stress of hazardous scenarios like arrears on existing mortgage or where foreclosure proceedings occur.


  • Rapid Funding of Loans
  • Flexible Term Structure
  • No Prepayment penalties

Lending Guidelines

Loan size: From $200K and up.
Property types: All types considered – multifamily, condominiums, office, mixed-use, retail, warehouse, industrial, hospitality and land.
Terms: 1 to 3 year loans with extension options.
Interest rates: From 9% interest only
LTV: Up to 75%
Fees: From 3%
Uses of Proceeds: Acquisition, restructuring, discounted payoffs, purchase of notes,property improvements, construction.
Closing Time: As soon as 10 days