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5 Tips When Considering an SBA Loan

From past many years, the US SBA or Small Business Administration rose to the challenge of recreating the American economic structure, helping facilitate around $19.2 billion in loans to small business during the last fiscal year alone. If your trade is in need of cash to start or expand, here are a few tips when [...]

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3 Terms You Should Know- Small Business Loan

The procedure of taking out a loan can be a daunting one, especially for small or startup business owners who might not have enough experience when it comes to the matter of this type of financial transaction. Just like you don't want to try and open up a new credit card without understanding the different [...]

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Dallas, TX

Date: 2/16 Loan Amount: $920,000 Location: Dallas, TX Loan Type: Hardmoney Timeline: 15 days

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Tampa, FL

Date: 1/16 Loan Amount: $1,200,000 Location: Tampa, FL Loan Type: Hardmoney Timeline: 10 days

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Go for hard money loan

The lender of hard money in Texas uses this type of loan on the basis of property that you wish to purchase and not on the basis of credit score. The size of this type of loan is two hundred thousand dollars and more and it is used to purchase retail, land, multifamily, condominium and [...]

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Birmingham, AL

Date: 11/15 Loan Amount: $1,125,000 Location: Birmingham, AL Loan Type: SBA 7a Timeline: 60 days

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Santa Rosa, FL

Date: 10/15 Loan Amount: $1,455,000 Location: Santa Rosa,FL Loan Type: Bridge loan Timeline: 20 days

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Bart, IL

Date: 9/15 Loan Amount: $678,000 Location: Bart, IL Loan Type: Bridge loan Timeline: 15 days

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Your Effective Checklist for Selecting Small Business Startup Loans

Running a small business is indeed a herculean task. Whether you want to have requisite money for buying new equipment or you want money for investing in inventory, it is quite likely that you may need more capital that you actually have in your bank account at some point of time in order to run [...]

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Raleigh, NC

Date: 8/15 Loan Amount: $1,590,000 Location: Raleigh, NC- Multifamily Loan Type: Bridge loan Timeline: 25 days

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