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SBA Loan Financing – Major Advantages

For entrepreneurs considering SBA financing as an approach to either buy or renegotiate a business property for their business, there are numerous unmistakable advantages over similar conventional bank financing with the SBA programs. The primary advantages of SBA financing incorporate, higher loan to value, reliability of shutting, and great loan programs. SBA Loan Financing – [...]

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Best Financing Options For Your Small Business

Business needs financial support and if your business is a start-up then it needs more. There are many ways to support a new business but a businessman needs to select the best one to make his/her business successful. As a beginner, you may have a lot of business ideas but you are more likely to [...]

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Requirements for Qualifying SBA Loans

SBA loans are one of the most popular loan options in the USA. This is the best option to finance a business. Rather than directly giving you a small business loan, the SBA or Small Business Administration makes more available to you by offering you a seal of approval to take to a third party [...]

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Major Ways Hard Money Loans Can Help You

Hard money loans are a type of real estate loan which is secured by the asset owners. This loan program offers the opportunity to invest in a real estate property and gives you a chance to expand your business by giving instant money support. These funds are offered by the private lenders or an organization. [...]

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Top 3 Hard Money Loan Questions

Hard money loans are mainly used as a source of leverage for real estate investors searching to increase their capital or as a source of financing that can be available faster in order to capitalize on a time sensitive investment chance. This loan option can be a confusing topic for a new, and even some [...]

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Dallas TX

Date: 10/16 Loan Amount: $1,950,000 Location: Dallas, TX Loan Type: Conventional Timeline: 25 days

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Date: 9/16 Loan Amount: $750,000 Location: Clarksville, TN Loan Type: Hardmoney Timeline: 17 days

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Marshville, NC

Date: 8/16 Loan Amount: $1,700,000 Location: Marshville, NC, Loan Type: SBA 7a Timeline: 45 days

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Date: 7/16 Loan Amount: $800,000 Location: Omaha, NE Loan Type: SBA 7A Timeline: 60 days

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Date: 7/16 Loan Amount: $2,500,000 Location: St Louis, MO Loan Type: Hardmoney Timeline: 17 days

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